Why you’re not getting applicants for your Job Listing

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Having a tough time hiring new talents? Recruitment is hard – especially when you can’t get job seekers to apply for your job vacancy even though you get lots of views from potential candidates.

It’s not enough that you advertise your job listing in usual places, in today’s competitive job market, you have to be proactive to attract great candidates, you can’t just post you job opening and wait for applicants to come to you.

Here are potential reasons your job listing isn’t working, and how to fix them.

Not enough or too much information on your job ad.

We see this a lot on social media, people asking for more details of a job post shared on Facebook even though details are there already.

It’s a balancing act between the fine line of too little or too much information on a job listing. Too little that they don’t understand the job requirements and job role, or too much that they get overwhelmed with the jobs responsibilities that they veer away from sending an application.

One way to fix this is to just outline a few big-picture responsibilities and a handful of daily tasks. Don’t overwhelm them with buzzwords to make your job listing look fancy. You can even ask your friends who are not related to your company to take a look at your job listing and ask them if it looks enticing enough that they would apply for the position.

Noncompetitive Salary

Most companies offer a predetermined salary range which is based from an internal perspective. This is how much the company can afford to pay and this is the pay grade for their employees in similar roles.

In today’s job market, you have to know how much other companies are offering for the similar role and be prepared to match it. You can’t claim to have a competitive salary unless your company is truly being competitive. Research and make recommendations to your higher-ups, let them know that that you believe the salary offering is noncompetitive. If they don’t agree with you, be prepared for either a difficult time filling in the role or a long wait to get applicants to notice your job opening.

You can also check out Jobhiring.ph PayCheck and see how much other company’s offer for the similar role.

Your location is a tough sell.

With the Philippines traffic situation getting worse every day, work location is now becoming a key factor in attracting candidates for a job vacancy. The possibility of a long commute everyday will make anyone think twice about working with your company.

If you know that the work location is going to be a tough sell, consider offering unique solutions to combat the location issue. A lot of companies now offer ‘Flexi-time’ with their work schedules, wherein employees work schedule adjust depending on what time they clock-in. Others have even turned to telecommuting as a viable solution, wherein employees can report to work from any location on their laptop as long as there is an internet connection. Some offer free point-to-point(P2P) shuttle services for their employees (a lot of call centers offer this solution for their employees working the night shift).

If you offer these kinds of options for your employees, make sure add them to your job listing.

Applicants are confused by your company.

Don’t forget to sell your company. We tend to focus so much on the job role at hand and forget to talk about our company. Tendency is, candidates’ question “Is this a legitimate company?” Or “What does this company do exactly?” Be sure to include a few brief sentences about what your company does. If you have a company website, make sure to include the link.

If you do not have a company website, you can create a free employer page in online recruitment websites like JobHiring.ph. It’s not as detailed as a company website but it is comprehensive enough that potential candidates can get a brief overview of who your company is. Be sure to include basic details like Vacation/Sick leave benefits, medical benefits or even company activities.

Bottom line, be sure to find some time in your busy day to go through your job listing/s and spice it up a bit to attract more candidates. If you shared in on a social media platform like Facebook, read the comments, you may need to add a little more information if they ask for it. Remember, just because you paid thousands of pesos for your job to be advertised in a job website, they will come. Optimize it instead and see the difference.

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

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