Why Employers need an Online Presence, not just on Social Media

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Have you ever been doubted online for your business listing or in this case a job opening? Philippines has one of the slowest average internet speed in the world but still, word spreads out fast through social media that a job opening is a scam or that a certain company is not ‘Legit’. Why so? Because there really are a lot of scammers online especially on Social Media. Just recently, a job seeker posted her story on Facebook about how she got scammed by an Employer who apparently hired here for a job. The promise was that she her application will be processed in 1 day and she could start working the following day. Her application process did only take a day and she was deployed the following day to the office she was assigned to, although she had to cash out a certain amount of money for so called Medical exams, etc. When she got to her place of work, she did not expect their office to look like a ‘Tambayan’ and she even got all dressed up for a legitimate office job.

The story got a lot of view, likes and comments on social media and word spread out like wild fire about this certain employment agency and unfortunately, there were some casualties in the form of other legitimate employment agencies being tagged in this story.

What if your company got tagged and labeled as a scam on social media, what would you do? Would you comment on the post and have an all out social media war media war with that person? Like a certain tv host and government official did. But that wouldn’t be very professional. Instead, create an online presence for your company. Almost everyone looks for information on the internet, gone are the days of going to the company office and visiting them to verify if they have the job opening is still active. There is a very big chance that a company would miss an opportunity to hire a great talent if the job seeker can’t find anything online about the employer.

Some of you would say that you already have a social media account for the company, isn’t that enough. The answer is no, it won’t suffice, anybody can create a fake social media account and get thousands of followers in a couple of hours. Don’t have a company website, now worries, we got your back. Visit our website www.jobhiring.ph and sign-up as an employer on our website, make sure to complete all details necessary and make sure you complete your Employer Profile Page. This way, you can showcase your company. Not only you can upload your company logo, you can showcase your company history, company size, your locations if you have several and even your company benefits, to convince potential job seekers to join you. Make sure also to get your company verified by submitting legal documents to prove that your business is registered with DTI or the SEC. The cool thing is, this is all free of charge. So instead of getting bad mouthed on social media and losing business because of people who don’t even have a clue of what how great your company is. Start creating an online presence today, it will only take you a few minutes, but the positive effects will last for a very long time.

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