What Employers look for in your Facebook Profile

What Employers look for in your Facebook Profile

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Increasingly, Facebook and other Social Networking sites are being used by recruiters and hiring managers to find sources of talent. Almost all employers will search for your social media profile before or during the interview process.

Which brings us the question, why do they do it? We’ve discussed before that potential or even current employers look for us on social media, especially on Facebook. Check out the previous article here,

While not limited to Facebook, some would check out Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. How you behave and what you post on your social medial account can actually create a first impression even before they meet you in person.

For example, do you have a sensible professional-looking profile photo? Do you do social media outburst on political, social or religious issues? How well-connected you are with your professional field? Do you rant about how bad your current workplace is? Would you fit in with their company culture?

So, you’ve applied for a job with an employer, you sent them your resume with all your personal information and you got an interview invite. Always consider that there’s always going to be a big chance this employer will search and visit your social media profile.


Here are the top five things that employers look for in your social media profile.


1. Will you be a good fit with their corporate culture.

Just think about it, your Facebook profile would be far more accurate portrait of what you’re really like than what an employer can get through a personality test or screening questionnaire. On paper, you can manipulate your answers on what you think the hiring manager would want to hear. On Facebook, your friends would comment on how unnatural of you to be acting as someone you are not.


2. Employers will turn to social media to find out more about your qualifications.

If you say that you have good communication skills, how does this reflect on your social media activities? Are you articulate, confident with what you say, intelligent and friendly with your post? Is your grammar and sentence construction in the right order? Or are you foul-mouthed and confrontational? Most employers would even check if your education and work experience match up with what you’ve written on your resume.


3. Your thoughts on political, religious or social issues.

It is very common in the Philippines that people would rant on social media about political, religious or social issues. Employer might check out if you comment or post about these kinds of issues, are you implicit or explicit with your comments or thoughts. Why you might ask, this are sensitive matters and should be dealt with diligently and with respect. Companies nowadays have strong belief in diversity and having strong opinions or belief on politics or religion can spark conflict, create friction that can affect and employees’ efficiency or their company work culture.


4. Hiring managers would want to see how creative you are.

How you choose to use the latest technology in social media can say a lot how tech savvy, skilled and social you are. Recruiters would want to see how innovative and original you are with the things that you do online. How you can efficiently maximize the use of technological tools to your advantage.


5. They can get turned off by poor spelling and grammar.

But your applying for a job, not a quiz bee, why would they screen you out for poor spelling and grammar. Remember that this is a professional company, if you get hired and join them, you are directly and indirectly representing their professional brand. One or two missed spelling or wrong grammar is acceptable. Even seasoned reporters miss out on their grammar on live television, why couldn’t you? But if its consistent in everything you say on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, employers won’t think twice about screening you out.


This is just some of the few things that potential employers might look for if they visit your social media profile. Just always remember, that your social media is a digital representation of your real-life self. So, if you are thinking of posting that epic photo of you, dead drunk lying on the floor during your last birthday party, make sure you check your grammar, spelling and punctuation of your caption. Seriously, there’s a very big difference between a photo of you making a toast with a glass of wine with your friends than that epic drunk photo. Make sure to use some common sense, that’s what Employers would want to see.

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