To All The Jobs I Applied Before

What to do if you haven't been heard from your employers

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If you’ve seen the Netflix’s original movie, “To All The Boys I Loved Before (2018)”, you’d know where this title was derived from. This is simply just a summary on what most of us experience when we apply for a job, go to the interview and then simply take their word that they’ll “call back” for results.

In hindsight, not all companies make it a habit of not letting their applicants know the update on the job position, but there are plenty of them that don’t, even when it’s been months since they’ve contacted you. Now you’re just sitting there, sending emails of an update to their HR on whether or not you passed or failed.

So, to all the jobs we’ve all applied before, here’s a list of reasons why we needed to hear from you. You can also take notes in case you are in the middle of waiting for their response.


1. Pass or Fail
In or out? Deep down, we’ve all just wanted to know if we got in or not. The sooner we know we got the job or not, the sooner we can decide what course of action is needed.

Pass or Fail in the Job Position


2. Are you real?
Before applying to jobs, we all wanted to be sure the company we’re applying is legit and real. The last thing we want to experience is a scam. Bonus points if the company we’ve applied has their own website and social media page

Is it a fake or real company


3. You care
Some of us appreciate a company that sets its time to message their applicants and candidates. The more we experience good communication from the company, the more accessible the company seems in the eyes of future applicants.

You care just like baymax when responding to the applicant's email.



4. Good brand image
Most known companies have a whole department of HR that handles applicants, but small businesses are able to build brand image and credibility when they quickly and efficiently respond to inquiries and notices.

Good branding and image makes a good company


Now that that’s settled. Some of you may have sent out an application already or have just been interviewed and are just waiting for the inevitable.

So here are some ways you can do while waiting.

1. Apply to other jobs
Be open to explore other job opportunities other than the one you’ve applied for. Chances are you might find more than what you’ve been looking for.

Apply to other jobs

2. Enhance your skills
There’s nothing wrong with practicing what we preach. Chances are you might be working in a company that’ll stretch beyond your capacity and skills. This is your chance to enhance the skills you’ve placed in your resume and own it.

Enhance your skills other than what you have for the job

3. Pray
Whether it’s to Allah or God, you can always ask for Their guidance even when it comes to landing a job. Sometimes faith can heal your anxiety from waiting.

Pray to god for a response from the job you're applying

4. Shop
If you’re the person who’s adamant in landing a job, dressing the part could be your second priority. Depending on the job you’re applying for, you should shop for the attires that best suits your workplace. ( But if your company requires a uniform, you can ignore this)

Shop for the right attire for your work and job

5. Enjoy the few days of corporate freedom.
Chances are when you finally do land the job, your time will mostly be given to your work. So before you can strap on your work shoes, have some time to enjoy life with your family, friends or even by yourself.

Enjoy your time before you work and start your job.


In conclusion, applying to jobs can be really exhausting and time consuming. People around the Philippines coming into the city to find jobs is a recurring thing in our economy. All because we want to earn money for a living and for a better and stable future. But never take it to heart, that even with rejection, life goes on. You can stress out and feel helpless from the lack of replies from the company, but never ever give up on trying.

Who knows, when one door closes, two more open right?

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