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Have you ever written a Resume before? We’ve all been there, it’s a grueling task if it’s your first time. For some it would take hours just to get the context and the contents right so it wouldn’t look like some Bio-Data form you could buy at the ‘Sari-sari Store’. In other countries, they even pay upwards of $100 USD just to get one done professionally. There are also websites that would advertise that you can create one with their template for free, but in the end, they would charge you to download a copy of it or advertise their website on your paper. Good thing has its own version of a Resume Builder.

Why a Resume not a CV (Curriculum Vitae)

It’s been an ongoing discussion ever since we can remember. Should you create a Resume or a CV? Some employers ask for a Resume, some for a CV. But which is it? Don’t be confused. A CV or Curriculum Vitae is a record of your academic and professional achievements. Not only your work history but your publications, public speaking engagements, awards and interest to name a few. It’s a longer document because it contains more details compared to a Resume and normally used when applying for an academic or research position, grant or scholarship. A Resume on the other hand is a short document, about 1-2 pages and you use it to give a potential employer a brief overview of your work experience and a brief background on your education. This is also one of the reasons why we chose to create and call it the Resume Builder, not a CV builder.

Easy to follow Template

Although still in the early stages of development, Resume Builder has one of the simplest interface and User friendly design. Just follow the template, it will guide you through the process. Fill in the template in the which is a Digital Form and once done, it will generate a .pdf copy which you can print on paper or save a soft copy for sending through e-mails. It will also generate a copy on your user profile on It’s like hitting 3 birds with one stone. It’s so convenient that you can even do it on your mobile phone in a few minutes.

Mobile Friendly

Advantage of using this Resume Builder, is that there are no advertisements on your paper, its free and very easy to use. Did we mention that you can even use it on your mobile phone. If you create one on your mobile phone, the Resume generated will be in .pdf format, which you can save and send to your employer via e-mail and save a copy if you want to print one at a later time, its that easy and convenient. There are no fancy formats here folks, just plain old Resume with all the necessary contents that will help you land that job.

Not a Fashion Trend

Why the simple design? Other website will tell you that they have a bunch of professional and creative designs you can choose from and can help you land that job. First off, a resume is a written representation of your professional self and so your resume should look professional. Don’t confuse the Hiring manager with graphs and icons of Ninja’s and slang terms. There hasn’t been a case where a person got hired just because their resume looked so stylish.
Take ques from your previous interviews, noticed how the Hiring Manager just incessantly wrote stuff or ticked off notes on your Resume during your interview? Well maybe not all of them, but if you placed colors and graphic designs on your Resume, it just got written over by the Hiring Manager. If they care about those designs, they would think twice about writing over your paper.

Trust us, you won’t get hired just because your resume looked so cool like Juan Luna’s painting ‘Spoliarium’ with a bunch of colors and dramatic design. It’s all about the contents and how you present those contents + yourself to the Hiring Manager. We’re you on time for your scheduled interview, did you dress yourself professionally, did you take a bath and brushed your teeth before the interview. Did you print an extra copy in case they asked your for another one. You can read more on these topics with our other articles but for now, take advantage of Resume Builder and land that job that would build your career.

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