How to Write Effective Job Ads That Get Applicant’s Attention

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Awesome job ads use real details about the job to get candidates excited. You may have sought after job vacancy, but if you can’t write an effective job ad, you won’t attract potential candidates.

Here are some things to consider when creating a job advertisement:

1. Use a good job title.

The job title is the first thing that potential candidates see when you post your job ad online. Use a job title that would matches your job description and that’s easy to understand. Avoid using acronyms and misleading job titles.

2. Add an emotive description.

Aside from the job description. You can also add another paragraph with three to five details about the job post that applicants can look for forward to or will find most exciting. An example can be additional perks and benefits that’s only offered for this job position if they get hired.

3. Tell your company story.

Make sure to include a company profile with information that applicants would want to know. Where you are located, what’s your line of business, how many years you’ve been in business, interesting clients or projects, office amenities that applicants will be excited about, awards, accolades, and work culture facts that’s sure to interest them.

4. Really sell the position.

Instead of the usual laundry list of requirements that would only scare away your would-be applicants, only include requirements that are essential to the job. Try to limit the list to three or five things, then provide information on work schedule, work location, office amenities, additional perks and benefits, bonuses.

5. Push your location.

With the traffic situation worsening in our country, work location has become a deciding factor for most candidates to even consider applying for a job. If your location is an easy commute from a key location, make sure to spell out the actual commute time. A candidate will always be keen on a role that can cut their commute to less than an hour.

6. Spell out the application process.

Detail your hiring process so candidates won’t be left in the dark about “what happens next”. If you hire or give a job offer after one or two interviews, make sure to include that. Candidates that are immediately available will jump on roles like this as they can get a job in days vs weeks.

7. Have other people read it.

Get multiple people read your job post and provide you with an honest feedback. If they find your job post attractive, then it can be an effective job ad.

8. Improve your email responses.

A poor first response to a candidate application will undo all the good work you did in the job post getting them to apply. If you posted your job ad in, you can make use of the ATS to automatically send updates to your applicants via email by just changing the status of their application.

Don’t get caught up in the idea of writing creative job postings. Real details about what makes job vacancy interesting trumps cleverness any day.

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