How to check if your Local Recruitment Agency is a legitimate employer

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Employment scams are an unfortunate aspect of the job market. With the help of technology, it’s easy to apply for a job with just a click of a mouse, sad thing is it comes with the inherent risk of job seekers being exploited by unscrupulous businesses. They may seem genuine, even having an office in a well renowned location in Ortigas, Alabang or even Makati, but in reality, they’re just their to scam you for money.

Many times, have we seen job seekers posting rants on Facebook about how they got scammed by this illegitimate employers. It happens so fast and can happen any time that they fail to report it to the proper authorities. Some of these individuals have taken matters into their own hands creating a list of possible scam employers, posting and sharing it on various social media platforms. We say possible because some of the employers that were listed were actual legitimate employers. Yes, we checked, we can say that they are like innocent casualties in this war against employment scams.

Now we all know DOLE, the government agency not the food company. Department of Labor and Employment is basically an executive department of the Philippine government, in which they are tasked with the enforcement of the provisions of the Labor Code. Under their supervision is the BLE or Bureau of Local Employment, they are the ones tasked at improving local labor an employment situation in our country.

You might ask, why are schooling you about this? Well that’s because for local employment concerns, you actually need to turn your attention to the Bureau of Local Employment, same with overseas employment concerns, you turn to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

So instead of going rouge and becoming a robin hood for everyone, compiling a list of local business names that you think are employment scammers, do yourself a favor and visit the Bureau of Local Employment website. They have a comprehensive list of licensed private recruitment and placement agencies for local employment, that includes their authorized branch office. Oh, and did we mention, its downloadable in a PDF format, alphabetically arranged per region with the date when it was last updated for your convenience.

Although it could have been more conveniently placed in a better position on their website for everyone to see, but it’s still a far cry from the list that’s being posted and shared around in Facebook.

Note: this is only for local employment, you can check out how to verify overseas employment agencies here (


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