How to Ace Your Interview Like Shakespeare

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If you’re not being interviewed by Elon Musk, Bill Gates, or Sundar Pichai, you’ll
most likely meet these 5 commonly asked questions as a job seeker. We believe that
the most impressive answers are short but intelligent, as the Shakespeare quote
suggests. We’re here to help you answer these questions with such brevity and wit to
get your message straight across and make you memorable to your interviewers.

1. “Describe yourself.”
You know how elevator pitches go: you have a short amount of time and your vast life to
cover. When addressing this, keep it relevant. Remember the key aspects of your life,
both in business and leisure, that reflect and highlight your eligibility for the position
you’re vying for. Tell them about your passion for team sports to give your interviewer a
sense of cooperativeness and sociability; characteristics highly sought-after by
companies from job seekers like you.

2. “Why are you applying to this company?”
We cannot stress this enough: READ UP ON THE COMPANY, beginning with their
business ethos and CEOs to their excursions and team-building activities. All of it
matters. You need to connect your abilities and beliefs to what the company uniquely
works toward. If you know nothing about the company, this will give the impression that
you’re just another applicant waiting for a paycheck. Passion is now important to
companies, both start-up companies or well-established ones. This question magnifies
how much passion you can bring into the company.

3. “What are your weaknesses and strengths?”
Let’s face it: this question can bring out the best or the worst in you. You can come off
as a little too arrogant when you downplay your weaknesses and exaggerate your
strengths. The key here is to tell them the truth about your weaknesses but make sure
to mention the solutions you are personally undertaking. Do you have a hard time

interacting with clients or office mates because you’re an introvert? Tell them the reason
you’re applying for this company is that you know that the environment is right for you to
overcome your weakness.

4. “Why should we hire you?”
This is your chance to tell a “dragon-slaying story” like the one you wrote in your cover
letter which we suggested on our previous article “Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Resume“. If you’ve done your research about the company as we’ve recommended, you
should know about their needs and your answer should include how to address such
needs. You can be subtle by telling them of a crisis, the dragon in this case, in your past
job or organization that’s similar to what they currently have and how you solved it. Then
tell them how you, an experienced “dragon slayer” has the capacity to address such
crises and needs.

5. “Do you have any questions for us?”
There is a right answer to this question: YES. Always prepare questions for the
company that doesn’t involve the salary, the hours, or anything that the Human
Resources will be telling you once you get accepted. As a job seeker, it’s imperative you
ask them about their advocacies to show your own interest in the company’s values, or
ask them about mentorship, how your weakness may need patience and time from your
superior and how they handle such things.

There you have it! Keep Shakespeare in mind when you answer these questions, and
we also recommend that you look up some famed quotes to make your answers a bit
more clever. We wish you good luck in your upcoming interview! Read “Getting Ready for an Interview” to know how to prepare for your interview!

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