How Social Should Your Social Media Be

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Are employers searching through your social media profile?

Yes, we’ve all heard that potential employers or even your current employer looks through your social media profile. What is it that employers want to see about our private life activities? Can they make a professional assessment of our future work performance by scrolling through our photos from this past weekend?

Increasingly, Social Media platforms are being used as tools by some recruiters or even your company HR department. Some recruiters use social media to see if you have a professional-looking photo. Do you post insightful information? Are you well connected in your professional field? Do your social activities fit the company culture? There have been many instances also that a certain employee of a company is called in for a closed-door meeting with a manager or an HR personnel, for this employee to be coached on a certain social media post or even to remove that social media post.

So, before you decide to post your photos from that weekend of laughter and drinking debauchery with your friends and sharing your status of not feeling well because of a bad hang-over, better think twice. Here’s a list of things not to post on your social media accounts:

1. Drinking alcoholic beverages photos
2. Use of profane languages
3. Post of provocative / inappropriate or of sexual nature (nobody wants to see this)
4. Post that intend to make people envious
5. Strong political or religious opinions
6. Embarrassing photos of other people
7. Post with bad spelling or grammar
8. Discriminatory comments to race, gender or personal views
9. Criminal behavior
10. Confidential information about a potential or previous employer
11. And never ever post about how much you hate your job or your employer.

There are still a lot of things that you should never share on social media, the bottom line is; always think before you post. Don’t put anything on your social media profile that you wouldn’t want your mom, dad, son, daughter, grandparents, employer, even your cat or dog to see or read.
Of course, we all have our freedom to self-expression, but sometime we need to be considerate in expressing ourselves on social media.
Some would say we have our rights to freedom of self-expression and many of us would be put off by the idea that our boss or a potential employer is stalking us on social media. But if we think about it, they also have the right to utilize social media platforms as tools to protect or leverage their business. Same way potential employees look through a company’s social media account to see if this company is a good fit for their career or if it’s worth the effort of applying for this company.
Like it or not, our social media profiles are becoming the digital proxies of our real-world self or becoming our digital persona. So if you don’t want employers to come snooping in on you, better change your privacy settings.

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