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Listen up, job seekers! Interviews aren’t what they used to be. Your potential employers no longer just wait for you to answer their questions, they now look at the minute details of how you bring yourself as you sit across them. They may intimidate you or make you feel so comfortable that you’d forget the importance of creating the best impression, so we give you these top five tips covering your outfit arrangements to your manners.

1. Consider your clothes’ color scheme
The way you dress is a language in itself. According to a Cornell University article, colors give your employer a message upon their first impression. If you’re applying for a corporate job or a company that values tradition, opt for navy blue, black, white, or gray. This gives an impression of seriousness and professionalism. If you are applying for a creative job, bright colors highlight your artistic, quirky, and innovative characteristics.

2. Do not forget basic etiquette!
Saying please and thank you may be a start, but remember other cues like waiting for permission to be seated, smiling and greeting others passing by even though they are not your interviewer (they’ll be your officemates if you get in, after all!) and letting your interviewers finish their sentences and questions before launching into a speech of your own. Always pause before you answer or do anything to consider whether it is respectful or not. Having manners, these days is a dying art. Give the impression that you’re not just qualified for the job but will also be a delight to work with.

3. Research on the company
This is a matter of respect. Do not walk into an interview without prior knowledge of the company you’re applying for. You do not want to be asked specific questions about the company with only a laughable skill for jibber jabber to get by. Companies want to know that you are applying because you identify with their principles and their vision. Your qualifications will only take you so far. Your synergy with the company will make you memorable to get you through deliberations.

4. Ready your answers
Of course, this should be your top priority as a job seeker! Anticipate common questions and rehearse your answers. Speaking of which, we’ve got you covered next week. Check out our next blog to see five common interview questions and the best way to answer them!

5. Ask questions
In the article where we wrote about five common interview questions, we mentioned the importance of being ready when your employer asks “Do you have any questions for me?” Your questions shouldn’t concern the salary, hours, or even lunch breaks. Those are issues the Human Resources will discuss with you once you’ve been accepted. Ask questions about the company’s team building or mentorship strategies. Ready questions that show your interest in how the company works organically and in that way you show that you respect the people in the company and what they do, not just the job you’re applying for.

So there you have it! Easy peezy, really. All you need to do now is polish your resume and don’t forget these tips! On how to wow with your resume, click here for more tips!. Are you suited up and ready for the interview of your life? Sign up with us now!

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