Fresh Tips for the Fresh Grads

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You’re finally done with college, now it’s time to step into the real world of life as we know it.


We wouldn’t want you to be unprepared. So, we jotted down a few points to consider before entering the adult life.

Note: Joining the Adult world does not mean that your carefree days of youth are gone, it just means that you’re taking responsibility for future and becoming a responsible member of our society.

1. Valid Identification Card (Valid ID)

Your college ID won’t really be of much use unless you plan on going back to school and finishing another Degree, or if you just want to gain access into your university and hang-out with your old college buddies at your usual spot. Since you are graduating, or for others you have graduated already, better be prepared with basic ID’s that are widely accepted. Here is a short list:

  • Digitized Postal ID – you can get one at any branch of Philippine Postal Corporation(PhilPost). It’s the easiest ID to get because all you need to do is to pay the prescribed fee and submit one of the following: NSO Birth Certificate, UMID Card, Driver’s License or Passport. If all you have is your old School ID, you will need to present that with other forms of Identification like your Baptismal Certificate or even your Transcript of Records. (source

  • Passport – yes, we know, a passport is not something anyone would consider getting since not everyone has the privilege of traveling outside the country. But take note that passport validity has been extended to 10 years, who knows, you might land that perfect job and build a career that would take you to other countries for a business meeting. And it’s now one of the best and easiest form of Identification to get. You can say that the passport is the mother of all ID’s (exaggerating on this part). You can check out the requirements for getting a passport at this link –

  • Voter’s ID – part of our social responsibility as a Filipino is registering with our local COMELEC Office (Commission Elections), and voting for the leaders of our government during an election, may it be National or Local. Plus we get the added bonus of obtaining a Voter’s ID which is actually considered as a Primary ID. It is quite simple to register as a voter and getting a voter’s ID, click on this link for complete details –

  • SSS UMID (Unified Multi Purpose Card) – if you plan on working with the private sector, a government mandated requirement is becoming a member of SSS (Social Security System). So since you’ll be processing your registration with SSS, why not process getting a UMID card. SSS issues a UMID card free of charge to its members, click on the link for details on how to register for one –

  • NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Clearance – not only is an NBI clearance a major requirement when getting a job with either the private or public sector but this is also a valid form of identification, a Secondary ID to be exact. Although not that handy since it’s almost the size of a typical Android tablet, it certainly is a very important form of Identification and one that anyone can easily obtain (not unless you have a criminal background).

Having one or two of this Valid ID’s comes in handy especially if your applying for your first job or your first personal bank account. Take note that some private companies or buildings require you to leave a Valid ID at their Front Desk before you can enter their premises. So better keep that relic of your college days tucked away in your wallet and try to get one of these Valid forms of Identification.

2. Your Savings

One of the most unforgettable moments in your professional career is earning your very first paycheck. May it be in the form of Cash, Cheque or Bank Deposit. We won’t tell you what to do with it because everyone has their own way of celebrating this momentous event. There are some who would present it to their parent’s as a Token of appreciation, buy that cellphone they have been eyeing for so long or even take the whole barkada out for a night of debauchery. We would definitely suggest taking a small share of that paycheck and opening your own personal bank account or saving it in your bank account if you have one already. Having a personal bank account could save you from the impulsive buying and spending. Be wise with your money, you are never too young to start saving for your future.

3. Resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae)

The common fresh graduate misconception is that a Resume and CV are the same. Some would even say that Curriculum Vitae is just a fancy way of saying Resume. Although they are both being used for job applications, they are not the same.

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) still has the summary of your skills and work experience but also includes detailed information on one’s academic background (Degrees, Research, Publications and other related information), thus making it longer compared to a Resume. Typically, a complete CV would three or more pages.

On the other hand, a resume may just be one page long. A resume is a summary of your education, credentials, skills, work experience and accomplishments may it be in school or at work. Some people include optional sections like career objective or job application objectives. Some of you might still be looking for a job or trying to look for a better offer, whichever the case is, be sure your resume or CV is updated. This’ll be the first thing your employer would see about you so you better polish every side of that paper till it’s spotless.

4. Dress Code

Nowadays, your dress code depends on which industry you’re applying for. But whatever that industry might be, you have to dress properly. Dressing yourself properly also comes with personal hygiene and grooming. You do not need to buy expensive clothes to make an impression on that job interview. Wearing clean and well pressed clothes will make you look professional regardless if that polo or blouse was bought from an ukay-ukay or a hand me down. Gentlemen, make sure comb your hair properly, no man bun! Ladies, try not to wear skimpy clothes, no need to show too much skin, reserve that when you get married. If you’re scheduled for an interview then great! Make sure you dress accordingly, properly and wear your clothes with confidence. Have a separate clothing system for your work outfits and present yourself with confidence and poise. Chances are your employer already has a mindset of who you are just by the way you dress yourself.

5. Manners maketh Man

Yes, were quoting a line from the movie Kingsman, but this does not only apply to the gentleman, this also applies to you ladies. If you’ve watched the movie, there was a female heroine who was also a member of Kingsman, Roxy Morton. Disclaimer – we are not endorsing the movie in any way. Going back to our main topic, brush up on your etiquette 101 and remember that in the workplace, there are certain rules and discretion that needs to be followed. This is the point where you sometimes have to separate your work life from your personal life. Remember, manners go a long way in your career and more so in humanity.

These are some basic advice we can give you in your entrance to adult life (don’t forget to be young at heart). Hopefully you were able to pick up some first-hand knowledge on what to expect in your professional life.

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