Advice for Millennials: Inspired by Marie Kondo’s Lifestyle Tips

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Ever since Marie Kondo, a well-known Japanese organizing consultant, sparked joy by introducing the KonMari method, thousands of millennials took part on how easy and aesthetically pleasing it is to organize one’s closets and homes.

This method included tips and advice on how to further organize and prioritize what really ‘sparks joy into your life‘ with the clothes you wear, the shoes you walk in, and even the bottles of shampoo and soap you use daily.

Now, how would this relate to other aspects of your life, like with being a working adult?

Well, we’ve dug up five tips that Marie Kondo uses and we’ve come up with how those tips could relate to basically any other aspects of your lifestyle.

Visualize the kind of lifestyle you want to live

Vision what you want to be this year. If you do have a clear goal on what you want to achieve then you can take the necessary steps to arrive to your goal. Review what you have right now and strategize how this things can help you. Sometimes the best resource is just right around the corner.

Commit yourself to tidying up

Small goals are something we can also celebrate to. Why? ‘Cause of our undivided commitment towards that goal. Whether you’re just tidying up your clothes or making your bed tidy, it’s a small feat of victory on your side that helps you further work on your ultimate goal in life. Commit!

Discard what you can first

Romantic cliches would often tell us to leave the past behind in order to move on. Well that advice also applied to Marie Kondo’s method. Rather than discarding the past, we just discard the uneccessary things in our lives. Only then can we let new, exciting things enter into our lives.

Store by category

This advice can be applied towards important files and documents you have necessary for your adulthood. Categorizing them in order can help you in the long run when certain circumstances, like a job interview or passport renewal, arises. Keep things as orderly as possible and place them where you can instantly remember.

Ask yourself if it sparks joy

Deciding on what to keep and what needs to go falls on the question, “does it spark joy in yourself?”. This question often helps you see how your body reacts. When something thrilling or exciting comes, doesn’t it make you happy? Things, jobs, events, and even people are necessary for you to be contented and happy. You just have to choose which of those gives you joy.

Whether it’s tidying up your home or planning the kind of person you want to be this year, take into account these few tips we had that was inspired by Marie Kondo’s tips on organizing your home.

Let’s continue to spark joy towards ourselves and towards other people who truly matter to us.

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